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Down Arrow


Your Full Potential.

We offer innovative solutions for your business from top tier university talent.



Kampus Group was founded in 2020, as a response to the adverse effects that COVID-19 presented to small businesses across the United States. In order to help combat this, we have developed a team of top-tier university students that come from some of the most respected academic institutions, such as: Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, Claremont McKenna College, and more. In addition, our consultants concurrently work for top firms in all sectors, such as: Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Bank of America, Apple, and others. 

Together, we are offering free consulting services to businesses across the country. We envision each project we onboard spanning 1-6 weeks in duration and will conclude with a tangible deliverable that has the possibility to provide direct impact to your business. This relationship allows for our consultants to further gain impactful first-hand experience and for our clients to receive assistance that would normally be accompanied by a financial commitment. 



  • This begins the FREE process of partnering with our team on project!

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“Jordan is a treasure! He served as a consultant for our agency and helped us establish practices that truly resulted in more effective and efficient use of staff and resources. Jordan has a rare capacity for strategic and creative thinking that will serve any client or company well. Jordan is also refreshingly lacking in ego, which makes him the perfect consultant. He brought ideas to the table with a perspective we were definitely missing and with the purpose of offering, rather than pushing alternative solutions to our identified problems. His approach allowed us to make realistic, well-informed decisions and institute best practices that make a real difference.”